Rina Soetanto

Rina Soetanto, PhD, BSc(Adv)(Hons) 

Rina first decided that she wanted to be a scientist after watching a documentary on cancer patients when she was in Year 7. Since then, she has been driven by a love of science and a passion to use it to make this world a little better.

She now holds a PhD in molecular biology from the Australian National University and has over 6 years’ experience in scientific research. Her scientific work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. She has also lectured undergraduate life-science courses, and worked at the Canberra Hospital analysing clinical trials and population health datasets.

Rina’s interest in science communications began when her Grandpa was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in 2015. She realised then how hard it was for people without a science background to understand their diseases, let alone find out about the latest advances and treatments. In 2017, she started writing for BioSky in the hopes of using her scientific knowledge and hobby in writing to make a difference.

In her spare time, Rina likes to play Magic: The Gathering, play Starcraft, bake brownies, and go to trampoline parks.

Articles written by Rina for Biosky are available here.